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The Most Interesting Thing I've Found Underwater

As a recovery scuba diver with many successful dives in the marinas on and near Lake St. Clair, the most frequent questions I get asked are probably: “How soon can you get here?” and, “Do you think my phone will still work?” Usually my answers are “soon” and “probably” . I'm also often asked about the most interesting things I’ve found underwater.

An old (or old-looking at least) miniature telescope or spyglass would have to fit that description. I don’t have any background information on it, but it was a very unusual find while metal detecting at a closed marina.

Other things of note:

  1. A set of keys, while looking for a different set of keys. I assured my intoxicated client that he must be mistaken, of course these were his keys. He insisted that he had a very distinct keychain attached to his, and that he could in fact accurately identify his keys, so I went back for a second look, and sure enough he was right!

  2. A wallet when looking for a phone. It didn’t have any cash in it, but hopefully the owner will be pleased to get his driver’s license and Blockbuster card back.

  3. A phone while looking for a wallet. It turned on, but the background picture on the lock screen of a very cute Labrador didn’t help me find the owner. Unfortunately, neither did the Apple Store.

  4. A large fish, who was attracted to my flashlight during a night dive. I was very startled to see it!

  5. A white Apple Watch with a gray face, while looking for a white Apple Watch with a silver face. It’s still hard to believe this wasn’t the right one.

  6. A gold-colored Tungsten ring while using a metal detector to look for a gold-colored gold ring. It took a few more hours to find the right one.

  7. A gold dental crown. Crowns are expensive, but sadly they drop in value dramatically with each new owner.

  8. A golf cart. Fortunately the driver didn’t get hurt!

If you drop something (it doesn’t have to be unique enough to make this list) and need a diver, give me a call at 586-873-8110; I’ll be happy to come out and help. Learn more about this service here.

-Lisa Eick

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04 oct 2022

You are a hoot! Good job, Lisa!

Me gusta
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