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2023 Recovery Diving Highlights

As a full-time recovery scuba diver, I’m most often called to come locate the everyday things people keep in their pockets. I can usually respond quickly, and the phones I find almost always work. Aside from phones, keys, glasses, and wallets, I am sometimes asked to find more unusual things.

This year I was asked to recover three loaded guns within two weeks. I don’t usually get many calls for firearms, so it was astonishing to get so many that close together. Fortunately, I found all three of them.

I was asked to find a few things for dogs this year too: a ramp for a Husky to get from the dock to the boat and an electronic training collar for a Lab, and I also grabbed a collar that fell in the previous year while I was there retrieving a phone. I’m sure the dogs were all grateful.

This year, plastic bags have caused problems for at least a few boaters. I pulled one out of an intake and cut another off a prop. I also cut myself twice on broken glass while digging in the sand; in case more reasons to keep trash out of the water are needed!

I also had a few instances of upset boyfriends throwing things in the water: a purse, an engagement ring, and a couple of phones. No word on whether any of those couples are still together!

As for jewelry, strangely it's been mostly men losing stuff this summer. Unlike last year, I didn't recover any women's engagement rings. I mostly searched for men's wedding bands and watches for jewelry this year.

One of my strangest finds happened while metal detecting in a swim area this summer. I accidentally found and dug up an urn that I’m sure was placed there intentionally as a peaceful resting place. Of course I relocated it to deeper water. Hopefully nobody else will disturb it!

If you drop something (it doesn’t have to be a unique item) and need a diver, give me a call at 586-873-8110; I’ll be happy to come out and help.

-Lisa Eick

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I liked this blog, a little insight into recovery diving. Nice stories ... :)

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