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Covid-19 Updates

With Michigan's stay at home order announced today, we figured it was time for an update on upcoming trips.

In Bloom, May 16th - 17th: so far this trip is still scheduled, but if that changes we will refund everyone who has booked the trip as soon as possible. The DNR has closed the cabin we're planning on using for this trip, but it is currently scheduled to reopen on May 16th.

I Am Enough I & II, in June: Basically Laura and myself are waiting to see. If you've booked a spot and wish to cancel it would be great for our growing businesses if you chose to reschedule for a later trip, but we understand if that is not possible.

We've obviously put the brakes on developing our new trips until we see what will be possible. Along with everyone else, we're paying close attention to the news and hoping for the best. If we are able to run the trips as scheduled, it will be wonderful to have these outings in nature to look forward to.

As of now hiking is still considered okay to do, but I've noticed trails that don't usually see much use are getting pretty crowded. There is especially an increase in families with children. Getting some exercise in nature is such a great stress reducer and good for the body, but with parks being among the only options for recreation, it can become a negative thing. Be careful if you choose to use the local parks. Some California parks had to close after being flooded with tourists during their shelter in place mandate. Hopefully we won't see that have to happen here.

Stay safe and be well,




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