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Stony Creek Metropark

Just got back from a great hike at Stony Creek. It was a beautiful sunny day, hard to resist the call of the woods. Plus with so many things shut down, it seemed like the best option for the day. I like hiking at Stony Creek. It's close enough that it seems easy to get to, but big enough for a longer hike if that's what you're looking for.

We decided to start at the northernmost trail at Inwood Rustic Trails and work our way down to a loop by the nature center. I was hoping to go in to check out the fish and turtles, which I love to see, but they were also closed.

A highlight was seeing cardinals and a sparrow. One of the cardinals was singing. If you're not familiar with the sound, you can listen here. I recommend it! Reminds me of a slide whistle. A fuzzy caterpillar also crossed the path, always a treat to see. We may have also had a glimpse of a juvenile bald eagle. Stony Creek has a few, but it would be the first time I've seen one there.

We walked around seven miles and really enjoyed the weather. I'm crossing my fingers for another hike tomorrow!