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Social Distancing: Clinton River Edition

Yesterday I decided it was time to break the dry spell and get the sea kayaks out for the first time this year. We launched at a spot on the Clinton River right by my house, and paddled out about nine miles to Lake St. Clair. The Clinton River has become a great place for paddling; a local company has really done a lot of work over the years making it passable. This early in the season there are still downed trees blocking some areas, but luckily for us not in the lower stretch.

We saw many herons and a few hawks, but it's still too early in the year for turtles. The winter runoff did bring quite a bit of trash, so I'm thinking my next trip will be to clean up a bit.

The water was colddddd but of course I couldn't resist making sure I can still roll. If you are also thinking about paddling in this area in early spring, make sure you're dressed for immersion. We may, later in the year, be able to offer kayak safety courses for those who want to learn to go out on the water safely. If you're casually interested in that, feel free to reach out.

It felt great to get back in the boats and get a little bit of exercise, looking forward to more!

Stay safe.




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