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Shore to Shore: Pere Marquette Trail (4/5)

7/31: Day 3

41 miles

After yesterday, I slept in a bit. I knew I had a nice relaxing day today, so I got started around eight this morning. The bike has developed a bit of a strange creaking noise, but I can't judge it too much. I also feel creaky. I adjusted my seat to relieve some unexpected knee pain and planned on riding in a lower gear.

Today was a fantastic day. The weather was perfect, with big fluffy clouds keeping the temperature down. The trail was paved the entire way, and I believe I hit the high elevation point yesterday: it was almost entirely slightly downhill today. I'd happily ride this section anytime.

This section of trail, the Pere Marquette Rail Trail, was by far the most beautiful section I've ridden. It passed through a lot of old growth forests, some marshland, and a few lakes. Some of it does parallel a highway, but at a distance and with the trees you can't really see or hear it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The short day was also appreciated after the last two days. I stopped for a bit in the town of Clare and watched the tourist atmosphere before heading to the city campground.

The campground wasn't bad at all. I met Greg, who has ridden his bike from the San Juan Islands in Washington, starting in June. Pretty inspiring. We had some less-than-inspiring pizza and later some tasty ice cream. I'm feeling well-rested and looking forward to tomorrow's ride.



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