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Shore to Shore: Lake Huron (5/5)

I was up early and on the bike by 6:45. I rode with Greg for a bit, but I would need a lot more practice to match his speed. The short day yesterday meant my legs were feeling well-rested. I hoped to find some breakfast item ten miles down the trail in the town of Coleman, but my foraging was unsuccessful. Instead I settled for a protein bar and some jerky after another ten miles or so, in Sanford.

Sanford is the location of the lower of the two dams that failed in Midland in late May. I wanted to take a look since it was so close to the trail; the trail itself was partially blocked off but the debris that must have been blocking it was cleared. The dam itself was quite a sight. There is still significant debris and road damage. I can't imagine how devastating it would have been to see it as it was happening.

From Sanford, it was just a short ride to Midland, where the Pere Marquette trail ends. The pathway along the river junction was quite pretty, and it seems like it may be an interesting town. I followed Bicycle Route 20, which is a series of road sections through farmland, for 20+ miles after leaving Midland. Like I've said, I don't love riding on the road, but this rural route wasn't bad. Of course not every driver gives enough distance but the majority did.

Bay City crept slowly closer, until finally I made it to Lake Huron, at Bay City State Park. I was earlier than expected, but my ride was there and we had some lunch. It was an enjoyable and challenging trip; next time I'd like to try an even longer one to give my body more time to get used to spending the days on the bike.

Total mileage: ~229 miles.



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