Sea Kayaking Malibu to Baja - 580 Miles

In 2018, I paddled down the coast of California to Baja, starting in Malibu and ending at Santa Rosaliita, about 580 miles. It was a self-supported trip. There is a woman who is paddling around North America, Freya Hoffmeister, who has already circumnavigated South America and Australia, as well as many smaller accomplishments. She likes to have paddling partners now, so I joined her for a stretch. She asked me to write a little for a book. Below is what I sent her, and below that are the posts I wrote while on the trip and a few photos:

Starting and ending points.

Paddling with Freya was a trip I’ll always remember. I only knew of her through a mutual friend, who gave me a copy of her book about circumnavigating Australia. I followed her on Facebook and saw her posting, seeking partners to paddle with. I was working as a sea kayak guide at the time, but I hadn’t done anything remotely close to what paddling on the open coast would require. Still, I messaged her anyways, and she agreed to paddle with me. I spent the time leading up to the trip getting prepared: taking a few classes, practicing what I could, and getting my gear in order.

When we first met, I really liked her energy. She is slow to anger and takes everything in stride. For me, the trip was far outside my comfort zone, but I like to experience things that way. I had spent several months in Baja the year before, but to venture unsupported into the really remote areas was a whole different experience. Spending a month straight with a person can be challenging, but we got along well.

There is something pure about travelling that way. You’re able to focus on the day’s work; there is no need to worry about anything else. Your days are spent paddling, setting up camp, eating, with intermittent excitement. The repetitive motion is meditative and allows your mind to wander anywhere you want it to go. Feeling the muscle soreness, knowing your body is getting used to long hard days, is such a rewarding feeling.

I learned so much on this trip and got to experience places and see wildlife in a way I wouldn’t have otherwise. It was a fantastic challenge, with so many great learning opportunities. I still use the tips and tricks that Freya taught me on other trips I take. I’m grateful I was able to do the trip, and I’d be happy to paddle with her any time.

Day 1...

Day 2


50 miles