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Day Hiking at Bald Mountain

The weather has been great lately (well... sunny at least) so Ian and I decided to go hiking this weekend. I posted an event on Facebook to a local women's hiking group, and we were lucky to have two great ladies join us!

We walked around 7.5-8 miles in the north section of the park. It was a great day to stretch the legs. I've had a pretty bad cold for a over a week, and it was great to finally be out in the fresh air again. I'm looking forward to getting my body used to farther hikes again as the days get longer.

We were also able to check out the cabins we've reserved for both In Bloom and a new retreat that's in the works. They look very cozy! It will be wonderful to see the sun setting over the lake.

Thanks to our companions today for the conversation and good company.

We'll be posting more informal day hikes on Facebook, get in touch if you'd like to come along!



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